Leon Berghorst

Gameplay programmer

My most recent projects


I worked on a 3D first person shooter and created an algorithm that creates graphs for the level generation. The levels in this game were generated with bitmaps and are attached to each other. In order to have the enemies navigate the rooms correctly, I made an algorithm that turns the room into a graph.

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Space game X

Space game X

You are a fighter! Not just a fighter… no.. a space pirate!
You will explore a new universe with your ship, meet-up with some interesting people, fly, race, and even fight ’till death if you have to.

Earn money, trust and become respected in this universe.. And who know’s what’s next…

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Tower Defence

This game was first just a simple tower defense game that had a simple rock-paper-scissor mechanic. However, for a research Timo Veenman, Amanda Herders and I worked on automated game design we implemented upgradable towers. But in order to balance the upgrades, we decided to use a simulated annealing algorithm.



An Android app that enables you to contact the customer service of different companies. It has integration with Service now and could possibly be extended to use any other business management platform.

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To the core

A casual mobile game where going deepest puts you highest.

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About me

Hey! I am Leon a 25 year old Game Developer, graduated at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. And currently working at Webble Games on the game Havocado. I both program and design games, but I love writing systems for example pathfinding or other algorithms the most. During my career, I have worked on many different games and also some other software. The programming languages which I am most familiar with are Java (including Android), C#, SQL, and recently C++. And I have worked a small bit: PHP and JavaScript. I have worked with different game engines but mostly with Unity.

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